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Patric Chan’s “rags to riches” story has inspired thousands around the world to tap onto the internet opportunity. He has been featured in newspapers many times and also business magazines. Having built his internet empire (without the benefit of any college or university qualification), Patric has taught his techniques and strategies to thousands of his students through his books, courses, seminars and live training.

Patric’s internet marketing products and courses have been endorsed and promoted by internet marketing gurus around the world – proving the quality and the value that he delivers. His latest product, The CB Passive Income was one of Clickbank’s top seller products when it was launched.

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Patric Chan blows you away with idea after idea for making money online. Keep a pen and paper handy as you read this book because the ideas—and the cash—will flow from the very first chapter.

Brett McFall, the co-founder of the world’s biggest Internet marketing seminar, World Internet Summit

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